Interface ReportState

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    public interface ReportState
    extends Cloneable
    Creation-Date: 03.07.2007, 13:18:11
    Thomas Morgner
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        static final int BEFORE_FIRST_ROW
        A row number that is 'before' the first row.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final int BEFORE_FIRST_GROUP
        A group number that is 'before' the first group.
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        Constant Field Values
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      • getNumberOfRows

        int getNumberOfRows()
      • getCurrentRow

        int getCurrentRow()
        Returns the currently processed row number. This row number contains padded rows and is equivalent to the number of advance() calls made on the master-datarow.
        the current row number.
      • getCurrentDataItem

        int getCurrentDataItem()
        Returns the current data item. The data item is the row number used to access the raw data in the tablemodel. This number is not guaranteed to increase sequentially as sorting may affect the order of rows.
        the current raw access row number.
      • getCurrentGroupIndex

        int getCurrentGroupIndex()
      • getPresentationGroupIndex

        int getPresentationGroupIndex()
      • isPrepareRun

        boolean isPrepareRun()
      • isFinish

        boolean isFinish()
      • getLevel

        int getLevel()
      • getProgressLevel

        int getProgressLevel()
      • getProgressLevelCount

        int getProgressLevelCount()
      • getEventCode

        int getEventCode()
        Returns the unique event code for this report state type.
        the event code for this state type.
      • isSubReportEvent

        boolean isSubReportEvent()
      • firePageFinishedEvent

        void firePageFinishedEvent​(boolean noParentPassing)
      • firePageStartedEvent

        void firePageStartedEvent​(int eventCode)
      • getParentSubReportState

        ReportState getParentSubReportState()
      • isInItemGroup

        boolean isInItemGroup()
      • isInlineProcess

        boolean isInlineProcess()
      • getPredictedStateCount

        Integer getPredictedStateCount()
      • isStructuralPreprocessingNeeded

        boolean isStructuralPreprocessingNeeded()
      • isCrosstabActive

        boolean isCrosstabActive()
      • getGroupSequenceCounter

        long getGroupSequenceCounter​(int groupIndex)
      • getCrosstabColumnSequenceCounter

        long getCrosstabColumnSequenceCounter​(int groupIndex)