Class ElementDefaultStyleSheet

    • Field Detail


        public static final Color DEFAULT_PAINT
        The default paint.

        public static final Stroke DEFAULT_STROKE
    • Constructor Detail

      • ElementDefaultStyleSheet

        protected ElementDefaultStyleSheet()
        Creates a new style sheet.
    • Method Detail

      • isLocked

        protected boolean isLocked()
        Gets the locked state of this stylesheet. After the first initialization the stylesheet gets locked, so that it could not be changed anymore.
        true, if this stylesheet is readonly.
      • setLocked

        protected void setLocked​(boolean locked)
        Defines the locked-state for this stylesheet.
        locked - true, if the stylesheet is locked and read-only, false otherwise.
      • getDefaultStyle

        public static ElementDefaultStyleSheet getDefaultStyle()
        Returns the default element style sheet.
        the style-sheet.
      • getCopy

        public ElementStyleSheet getCopy()
        Clones the style-sheet. The assigned parent style sheets are not cloned. The stylesheets are not assigned to the contained stylesheet collection, you have to reassign them manually ...
        the clone.