Uses of Interface

Packages that use RepositoryObjectInterface
org.pentaho.di.core.database Contains all the different database dialects as well as the DatabaseMeta class (definition) and the Database class (execution) 
org.pentaho.di.job This package contains the different elements that make up a Job. 
org.pentaho.di.repository This package contains the required classes to handle the Kettle repository. 
org.pentaho.di.trans This package contains the classes needed to define and execute transformations. 

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.cluster

Classes in org.pentaho.di.cluster that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class ClusterSchema
          A cluster schema combines a list of slave servers so that they can be set altogether.
 class SlaveServer

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.core

Subinterfaces of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.core
 interface EngineMetaInterface

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.core.database

Classes in org.pentaho.di.core.database that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class DatabaseMeta
          This class defines the database specific parameters for a certain database type.

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.job

Classes in org.pentaho.di.job that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class JobMeta
          The definition of a PDI job is represented by a JobMeta object.

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.partition

Classes in org.pentaho.di.partition that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class PartitionSchema
          A partition schema allow you to partition a step according into a number of partitions that run independendly.

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.repository

Subinterfaces of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.repository
 interface RepositoryDirectoryInterface
          This interface represents Directories within the Repository API
 interface RepositoryElementInterface
          A repository element is an object that can be saved or loaded from the repository.
 interface RepositoryElementMetaInterface
          The RepositoryElementMetaInterface is used to provide metadata about repository elements without requiring loading the entire element from the repository.

Classes in org.pentaho.di.repository that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class RepositoryDirectory
          This class defines the location of a transformation, job or schema in the repository.
 class RepositoryObject
          Contains some common object details, extracted from a repository

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.trans

Classes in org.pentaho.di.trans that implement RepositoryObjectInterface
 class TransMeta
          This class defines information about a transformation and offers methods to save and load it from XML or a PDI database repository, as well as methods to alter a transformation by adding/removing databases, steps, hops, etc.

Uses of RepositoryObjectInterface in org.pentaho.di.ui.repository.repositoryexplorer.model

Constructors in org.pentaho.di.ui.repository.repositoryexplorer.model with parameters of type RepositoryObjectInterface
UIRepositoryObject(RepositoryObjectInterface obj)
UIRepositoryObject(RepositoryObjectInterface obj, Repository rep)