Uses of Interface

Packages that use ResourceExportInterface
org.pentaho.di.job This package contains the different elements that make up a Job. 
org.pentaho.di.trans This package contains the classes needed to define and execute transformations. 

Uses of ResourceExportInterface in org.pentaho.di.job

Classes in org.pentaho.di.job that implement ResourceExportInterface
 class JobMeta
          The definition of a PDI job is represented by a JobMeta object.

Uses of ResourceExportInterface in org.pentaho.di.resource

Methods in org.pentaho.di.resource with parameters of type ResourceExportInterface
static String ResourceUtil.getExplanation(String zipFilename, String launchFile, ResourceExportInterface resourceExportInterface)
static TopLevelResource ResourceUtil.serializeResourceExportInterface(String zipFilename, ResourceExportInterface resourceExportInterface, VariableSpace space, Repository repository)
          Serializes the referenced resource export interface (Job, Transformation, Mapping, Step, Job Entry, etc) to a ZIP file.
static TopLevelResource ResourceUtil.serializeResourceExportInterface(String zipFilename, ResourceExportInterface resourceExportInterface, VariableSpace space, Repository repository, String injectXML, String injectFilename)
          Serializes the referenced resource export interface (Job, Transformation, Mapping, Step, Job Entry, etc) to a ZIP file.

Uses of ResourceExportInterface in org.pentaho.di.trans

Classes in org.pentaho.di.trans that implement ResourceExportInterface
 class TransMeta
          This class defines information about a transformation and offers methods to save and load it from XML or a PDI database repository, as well as methods to alter a transformation by adding/removing databases, steps, hops, etc.

Uses of ResourceExportInterface in org.pentaho.di.trans.step

Classes in org.pentaho.di.trans.step that implement ResourceExportInterface
 class StepMeta
          This class contains everything that is needed to define a step.