Package org.pentaho.di.trans.step

Interface Summary
RowListener RowListener is a listener interface for receiving row events.
StepDataInterface This defines the basic interface for the data used by a thread.
StepDialogInterface This interface is used to launch Step Dialogs.
StepInterface The interface that any transformation step or plugin needs to implement.
StepListener This listener informs the audience of the various states of a step.
StepMetaInjectionInterface This interface allows an external program to inject metadata using a standard flat set of metadata attributes.
StepMetaInterface This interface allows custom steps to talk to Kettle.
TableFrontingStep An interface for transformation steps that connect to a database table.

Class Summary
BaseStep This class can be extended for the actual row processing of the implemented step.
BaseStepData This class is the base class for the StepDataInterface and contains the methods to set and retrieve the status of the step data.
BaseStepMeta This class is responsible for implementing common functionality regarding step meta, such as logging.
RemoteStep Defines and handles communication to and from remote steps.
RowAdapter RowAdapter is an adapter class for receiving row events.
StepCategory List of step categories, put in order
StepErrorMeta This class contains the metadata to handle proper error handling on a step level.
StepInjectionMetaEntry This is a single metadata attribute for step metadata injection.
StepInjectionMetaEntrySet A set of step injection metadata entries.
StepMeta This class contains everything that is needed to define a step.

Enum Summary
BaseStepData.StepExecutionStatus The Enum StepExecutionStatus.