Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.layout

Banded layout management.


Interface Summary
BandLayoutManager Deprecated. This layout manager is no longer used.
BufferedLayoutBuilder Todo: Document Me
LayoutBuilder Todo: Document Me
LayoutSupport Deprecated. This one should be removed.
Renderer Creation-Date: 08.04.2007, 16:35:29
SizeCalculator Deprecated. The size-calculator does no longer yield correct results, as the layouting depends on more than just the element itself.

Class Summary
AbstractRenderer The LayoutSystem is a simplified version of the LibLayout-rendering system.
DefaultLayoutBuilder A layout builder is responsible for translating a single band into a layoutable chunk.
DefaultLayoutSupport Deprecated. Like the layout support itself, this class is deprecated.
DefaultSizeCalculator An AWT-Based default implementation of an SizeCalculator.
DefaultSizeCalculator.BuggyFontRendererDetector A helper class that is able to detect whether the implementation is considered buggy.
FileModelPrinter Creation-Date: Jan 9, 2007, 2:22:59 PM
FlowRenderer A flow renderer is a light-weight paginating renderer.
LegacyLayoutSupport Deprecated. Like the base class, this class cannot be used to create a valid precomputation of the report layout.
ModelPrinter Creation-Date: Jan 9, 2007, 2:22:59 PM
RepeatedFooterLayoutBuilder Todo: Document Me Todo: Find out when the page started even is fired when exporting and when browsing ..
StackedLayoutManager Deprecated. This layout manager is no longer used.
StaticLayoutManager Deprecated. This layout manager is no longer used.
StreamingRenderer The streaming renderer streams all generated (and layouted) elements to the output processor.
StyleCache Creation-Date: 26.04.2007, 20:47:23
TextCache Creation-Date: 26.04.2007, 20:23:40

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
SizeCalculatorException The SizeCalculatorException is thrown if a SizeCalculator was not able to compute the dimensions of a given content.

Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.layout Description

Banded layout management. BandLayoutManagers perform the layouting task for within a band for all Elements and Bands contained in the Band. The concept is shamelessly stolen from AWT, as it seems to produce better (and more flexible) results than trying to hardcode an algorithm.

BandLayoutManager should be defined for bands by using the StyleKey BandStyleSheet.LAYOUTMANAGER. The defined Layoutmanager are only usefull for PageableReportProcessors or similiar targets, where bands are mapped into a static coordinate space.