Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.util

Common utility classes.


Interface Summary
CloseableTableModel Extends the TableModel interface to be closeable.
ReportDrawable A report drawable receives context-information from the report processor that may allow the implementation to return better results.

Class Summary
ComponentDrawable A Drawable that renders a AWT-component.
FloatList A Array-List for integer objects.
ImageUtils Provides utility methods for image creation and manipluation.
InstanceID This class can be used as ID to mark instances of objects.
IntegerCache A class that caches commonly used Integer-objects.
IntList A Array-List for integer objects.
LevelList A list that associates a level (instance of Integer) with each element in the list.
LibLoaderResourceBundleFactory Todo: Document Me
LongList A Array-List for integer objects.
MemoryByteArrayOutputStream Deprecated. moved to LibBase
MemoryStringReader Todo: Document me!

Date: 14.07.2010 Time: 16:49:46

MemoryStringWriter A string writer that is able to write large amounts of data.
NoCloseOutputStream A Wrapper stream that does never calls close on its parent.
NullOutputStream A null output stream.
PageFormatFactory The PageFormatFactory is used to create PageFormats on a higher level.
PageSize A class defining a page-dimension.
PropertyLookupParser The property lookup parser is used to resolve embedded references to properties within strings.
ReportParameterValues Todo: Document Me
ReportProperties Deprecated. This is no longer valid.
ScalingDrawable A drawable implementation that applies scaling to the wrapped up drawable object.
ShapeDrawable Todo: Document me!

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ShapeTransform Utility class, which resizes or translates a Shape.
StagingMode Todo: Document me!

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StringUtil String utility functions.
StrokeUtility This class provides helper methods to work with Strokes and line-styles.
TypedTableModel Todo: Document me!

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WeakReferenceList<T> The WeakReference list uses java.lang.ref.WeakReferences to store its contents.
Worker A simple worker implementation.

Exception Summary
ObjectStreamResolveException The ObjectStreamResolveException this thrown, when the object resolving operation for serialized objects failed.

Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.util Description

Common utility classes.