Style sheets for elements and bands.


Interface Summary
StyleChangeListener The interface that must be supported by objects that wish to receive notification of style change events.
StyleSheet Creation-Date: 26.06.2006, 11:26:59

Class Summary
AbstractStyleSheet Creation-Date: 22.04.2007, 16:48:33
BandDefaultStyleSheet A default band style sheet.
BandStyleKeys A band style sheet.
BorderStyle Creation-Date: 30.10.2005, 19:37:35
BoxSizing Creation-Date: 30.10.2005, 19:37:35
ElementDefaultStyleSheet The default element style sheet.
ElementStyleKeys Creation-Date: 05.04.2007, 15:18:00
ElementStyleSheet An element style-sheet contains zero, one or many attributes that affect the appearance of report elements.
FontDefinition Deprecated. use single properties instead.
FontSmooth Creation-Date: 30.10.2005, 19:37:35
ImmutableStyleSheet Deprecated. This class is not used anywhere.
ReportSectionDefaultStyleSheet A default band style sheet.
StyleChangeSupport A utility class for managing a collection of StyleChangeListener objects.
StyleKey A style key represents a (key, class) pair.
StyleSheetCollection Deprecated. This will go away.
TextStyleKeys Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 16:46:39
TextWrap Creation-Date: 30.10.2005, 19:37:35
VerticalTextAlign Creation-Date: 24.11.2005, 17:08:01
WhitespaceCollapse Creation-Date: 30.10.2005, 19:37:35

Package Description

Style sheets for elements and bands.