Class BreakMarkerRenderBox

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    public final class BreakMarkerRenderBox
    extends BlockRenderBox
    A special box that simply marks the position of an automatic pagebreak. This is needed in the process of the event ordering and rollback processing.
    Thomas Morgner
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      • getValidityRange

        public long getValidityRange()
        The page-offset of the page where this break-marker is valid. Note that the page-offset denotes the start of the page, not the end.
        the validity of this break marker.
      • isIgnorableForRendering

        public boolean isIgnorableForRendering()
        Description copied from class: RenderNode
        If that method returns true, the element will not be used for rendering. For the purpose of computing sizes or performing the layouting (in the validate() step), this element will treated as if it is not there.

        If the element reports itself as non-empty, however, it will affect the margin computation.

        isIgnorableForRendering in class RenderNode