Class TableCellRenderBox

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    public class TableCellRenderBox
    extends BlockRenderBox
    A table section box does not much rendering or layouting at all. It represents one of the three possible sections and behaves like any other block box. But (here it comes!) it refuses to be added to anything else than a TableRenderBox (a small check to save me a lot of insanity ..).
    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • getColSpan

        public int getColSpan()
      • getRowSpan

        public int getRowSpan()
      • update

        public void update​(int rowSpan,
                           int colSpan)
      • isIgnorableForRendering

        public boolean isIgnorableForRendering()
        If that method returns true, the element will not be used for rendering. For the purpose of computing sizes or performing the layouting (in the validate() step), this element will treated as if it is not there.

        If the element reports itself as non-empty, however, it will affect the margin computation.

        isIgnorableForRendering in class RenderNode
      • getEffectiveBorder

        public Border getEffectiveBorder()
      • setEffectiveBorder

        public void setEffectiveBorder​(Border effectiveBorder)
      • getOriginalBorder

        public Border getOriginalBorder()
      • getColumnIndex

        public int getColumnIndex()
      • setColumnIndex

        public void setColumnIndex​(int columnIndex)
      • isBodySection

        public boolean isBodySection()
      • setBodySection

        public void setBodySection​(boolean bodySection)