Class PaginationStepLib

  • public final class PaginationStepLib
    extends Object
    A helper class that contains generic methods that would distract me from the actual pagination logic.
    • Method Detail

      • configureBreakUtility

        public static void configureBreakUtility​(PageBreakPositionList breakUtility,
                                                 LogicalPageBox pageBox,
                                                 long[] allCurrentBreaks,
                                                 long reservedHeight,
                                                 long lastBreakLocal)
      • assertProgress

        public static void assertProgress​(LogicalPageBox pageBox)
      • restrictPageAreaHeights

        public static long restrictPageAreaHeights​(LogicalPageBox pageBox,
                                                   long[] allCurrentBreaks)
      • assertBlockPosition

        public static void assertBlockPosition​(RenderBox box,
                                               long shift)
      • computeNonBreakableBoxHeight

        public static long computeNonBreakableBoxHeight​(RenderBox box,
                                                        PaginationShiftState shiftState,
                                                        BasePaginationTableState tableState)
        Computes the height that will be required on this page to display at least some parts of the box.
        box - the box for which the height is computed
        the height in micro-points.