Class TableSectionRenderBox

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    public class TableSectionRenderBox
    extends BlockRenderBox
    A table section box does not much rendering or layouting at all. It represents one of the three possible sections and behaves like any other block box. But (here it comes!) it refuses to be added to anything else than a TableRenderBox (a small check to save me a lot of insanity ..).
    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • getRowModelAge

        public long getRowModelAge()
      • setRowModelAge

        public void setRowModelAge​(long rowModelAge)
      • getHeaderShift

        public long getHeaderShift​(long pageOffset)
      • setHeaderShift

        public void setHeaderShift​(long pageOffset,
                                   long headerShift)
      • clone

        public Object clone()
        Description copied from class: RenderNode
        Clones this node. Be aware that cloning can get you into deep trouble, as the relations this node has may no longer be valid.
        clone in class RenderNode
      • isBody

        public boolean isBody()
      • isStructureValidated

        public boolean isStructureValidated()
      • setStructureValidated

        public void setStructureValidated​(boolean structureValidated)
      • isActive

        public boolean isActive()
      • setActive

        protected void setActive​(boolean active)
      • isMarkedActive

        public boolean isMarkedActive()
      • setMarkedActive

        protected void setMarkedActive​(boolean active)
      • isAppliedActive

        public boolean isAppliedActive()
      • setAppliedActive

        protected void setAppliedActive​(boolean active)
      • rollback

        public void rollback​(boolean deepDirty)
        rollback in class RenderBox